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LVX sets up global HQ at Lot Fourteen

Posted May 20, 2021

LVX Global, an international technology solutions business, announced today that the company will move their global headquarters to Adelaide from Perth.

The company plan to move 20 staff into Lot Fourteen’s soon to be completed Bice Building, and plan to double the company’s Adelaide headcount, with a bold global growth strategy firmly in place.

LVX has staff in Ireland, Germany, the USA and Korea and its customers include Harvey Norman Holdings, Public Transport Authority in Western Australia and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide.

The company will fit seamlessly into Lot Fourteen’s innovation ecosystem, bringing 30 years’ experience of delivering Internet of Things and smart city building and infrastructure solutions at the intersection of technology, engineering, and human behavioural science.

Premier Steven Marshall said that the news of LVX Global establishing its headquarters in Adelaide is a big win for the state.

“LVX Global’s new headquarters at Lot Fourteen is another triumph for South Australia. Firmly embedding its international HQ here ensures that the company’s future growth will be driven by the team based in South Australia,” Premier Marshall said.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is working determinedly to further boost South Australia’s ongoing economic and jobs growth, with investment attraction a key tenet of our ongoing strategy.

“We’re excited that this is another step towards providing companies with the opportunity for co-location with like-minded business and hi-tech industry cluster collaboration at Lot Fourteen.”

Josh May, partner of Bombora Investment Management and board chairperson at LVX Global said that he believes Lot Fourteen to be one of the most exciting innovation precincts globally.

“We are excited to be working alongside our new neighbours such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.

“LVX Global is on an exciting growth trajectory and has grown from nine to 45 employees over the last twelve months.

“Our Global HQ, at Lot Fourteen, will further drive our capacity to invest in opportunities in the smart buildings and smart cities sector which is now the world’s sixth largest and fastest growing industry.”

“After 11 years of our Australian headquarters in Sydney and then Perth, LVX Global has moved our HQ back to Adelaide where it all began for us 30 years ago.

“With a global team working across various locations, LVX has been able to assess the best location to grow our technology business. Considerations included key tech hubs such as Singapore, the Docklands in Ireland and Silicon Valley.

“We are extremely impressed with Lot Fourteen and the innovative and committed approach of the South Australian Government and key partners to the transformation. Their commitment to the technology and innovation sectors are to be congratulated.”

The Bice Building is the last of the State Heritage listed buildings to be refurbished on the Lot Fourteen site with works to be completed in June and tenants to move in from August. The four-storey brick and render building, has architectural qualities which are significantly Edwardian in source.

The building has received a complete heritage façade upgrade and still maintains its stunning, original features while internally offering a flexible, state of the art workplace presenting open plan, blank space for fit-outs to be completed by tenants.

The public realm around the perimeter of the building links up the north terrace to the west and a new glass canopy between McEwin and Bice buildings offers a relaxed space where occupants can enjoy breakout, lunch and gathering areas underneath.


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