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AMpowering uni students for future careers

Posted December 18, 2019

As South Australia’s tech sector continues to grow, securing a pipeline of talent is a key focus for many businesses. The AMpowered program is a unique initiative conceived by Lot Fourteen-based Chamonix and sister companies, exposé data and Cortex Interactive, to help address this issue.

AMpowered has led to graduate employment of around 20 students since its inception in 2014 and more than 100 students have been part of the mentoring scheme, or completed an internship or placement with the group.

AMpowered is focused on engaging with students at an early stage of their university studies and aims to help students understand and prepare for the job market in Adelaide.

Students from disciplines such as software engineering and computer science are often unaware of the opportunities available to them in their home state.

AMpowered, headed by Chamonix’s Ash Green, gives them an insight into the types of careers that exist here and how they can prepare themselves for employment.

At its core, AMpowered is about helping students prepare for and make the transition from education to employment in the exciting and growing technology sector in Adelaide.

‘’Taking that first step in your career can be a daunting experience,” Ash says.

“So many students grapple with what’s next. They crave the context to apply what they’ve learned to the workplace. Others are unsure of what career pathways exist for them and how they can maximise their time at uni.

“We engage with students early so that they’re equipped with the tools they need to make career choices and we work closely with South Australian universities to ensure that we’re aligned with their goals.”

This year, AMpowered held its inaugural Careers Expo at Lot Fourteen, attended by over 100 students from the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Carnegie Mellon and Uni SA.

Students had the opportunity to speak first hand with employees from Chamonix, exposé data and Cortex Interactive, to gain insights into the types of technologies they work with and importantly, how to apply them to solve business problems.

AMpowered graduates go on to work across a variety of roles, from developers and architects through to data analysts and managed services support. In other organisations, graduates don’t always get the opportunity to work on a real project for some time – AMpowered provides students with access to actual projects from the start, where they become an integral part of the team and are mentored by experienced employees.

For more information and to apply visit the AMpowered website.

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