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Bureau Veritas Marine Offshore

Posted May 27, 2021

BV Marine & Offshore initiated their move to South Australia by establishing at the Defence and Space Landing Pad at Lot Fourteen in July 2020. The landing pad is supported by the state government to help companies relocate by providing short-term office space and access to local networks and resources.

Since making the move, the company has worked with the University of Adelaide Industry Engagement team to source local talent to grow their team. As a result, BV Marine & Offshore has employed Jagruti (Jags) Rayar as a naval specialist. She recently completed a dual Master’s in Marine Engineering, Surface Ships and Submarines at the University of Adelaide and ENSTA Bretagne, a French national graduate engineering institute. She also completed an internship with global marine prime Naval Group.

Ian Coker, Naval Business Manager Australasia for BV Marine & Offshore, said the company would collaborate further with the university to bring in more graduates.

Recently, BV Offshore & Marine won a contract with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to support the development of a new defence seaworthiness management system, which will involve opening a new liaison and support office in Adelaide.

Mr Coker said his team would provide support and guidance on how to implement pragmatic solutions to meet seaworthiness outcomes for the RAN. “Our ability to bring experience from the commercial and naval sector and work closely with RAN SMEs is delivering exciting results,” Mr Coker said.

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