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Innovative South Australian Startups Transforming Aged Care

Posted November 8, 2023

Lot Fourteen companies – Lateral VisionNeo Care, and SA based Goldilocks Suit – have secured a $1 million grant through the SA Innovation Challenge. The companies will now use funding to research and develop innovative technology-driven solutions addressing ageing in place, social isolation and staffing challenges in the aged care sector.

These three startups have collaborated closely with aged care providers, the community and research partners to better understand the barriers to ageing safely and independently at home. Now, they want to share their findings and outcomes so more people can benefit.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Dr Susan Close is an advocate for showcasing South Australian research and innovation and is guest speaker at the event. “I am thrilled to be part of an event that highlights the remarkable progress being made in the aged care sector right here in South Australia. The work of Goldilocks, Lateral Vision, and NeoCare is a testament to our commitment to harnessing innovation to address pressing challenges. This event not only showcases their dedication but also serves as a platform for collaboration and learning.”

Goldilocks has pioneered smart clothing designed to create a personalised virtual wellbeing coach.

Lateral Vision has explored the role virtual technologies like 360-degree teleconferencing play in creating meaningful connections and reducing social isolation.

NeoCare has developed unique monitoring and assistive technologies to help provide a safe environment to live in and empower our elders to live their lives on their own terms.

Laura Tolson, co-founder of Lateral Vision expressed her excitement to be able to bring the aged care industry, researchers and technology companies together for this event. She stated that “giving back to the industry and community is the key.”

“We have learnt so much about social isolation and the barriers older people face with technology. Some of our participants told us that holidays like Christmas can be an especially difficult time when you live alone. I want to share everything we have discovered so that we foster even more innovation and collaboration in the aged care industry.”

The Aged Care Innovation Exchange is at 5:30pm Monday 13th November at Stone & Chalk Startup Hub at Lot Fourteen. Attendance is free, but registration is essential.

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