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Job Lot: Check out these 5 jobs for the future

Posted December 11, 2023

Lot Fourteen experts are laying down job and career predictions for ten years’ time. With mind-blowing change and disruption happening, here are the top picks for new roles across innovation, space, tech, climate and ethics. You heard it here first!


Herve Astier, Chief Executive Officer, Neumann Space

In-Space Manufacturing Controller
The future of space includes new space stations with manufacturing and recycling capability. The ability to manufacture, assemble objects in orbit is key to the future development of space. The opportunity is also there to recycle the tonnes of space junk, including propellant for the Neumann Space propulsion systems.

Aron Hausler, Innovation Ecosystem Manager, Department for Industry Innovation and Science

Personal Impact Investor

Businesses trade their carbon and impact efforts, but what about the community? I am calling out the Personal Impact Investor as a new role at the intersection of fintech, climatetech and impact, that helps individuals amplify, invest and trade their portfolio of personal environmental and social impact achievements.

Adam Sawtell, Co-Founder, Flamingo Logix: AbilityERP

Personal/Human Technology Specialist
This specialist will teach others how to leverage and use the vast array of technologies to improve life quality.

Kelly Drewett, Chief Executive Officer, Exposé

Ethics in AI
With the tech industry changing so rapidly, what it will look like in two years’ time, let alone 10 years’ time, requires a crystal ball. But with AI being such a hot topic, I would hope to see new roles in the responsible and ethical AI space- this is crucial!

Eamon Lawson, Regulatory Lead, Southern Launch

Australian Space Lawyer
Okay, I’m cheating just a little bit- space law and space lawyers already exist in Australia; however, both the professional and legal frameworks are in their infancy. As domestic space launch activities grow more commonplace, the role of regulation and those to administer it will expand in kind.


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