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New innovation model to be led by Lot Fourteen State Project Lead

Posted March 29, 2023

In a national first, the government is introducing a new state-wide innovation model to strategically connect the state’s growing innovation districts including Lot Fourteen, Tonsley Innovation District and Adelaide BioMed City, announced Premier Peter Malinauskas at the State of the State Address today.

The framework, to be developed by Lot Fourteen State Project Lead Di Dixon, will seek to capitalise on South Australia’s competitive advantage in defence, space, advanced manufacturing and critical technologies industries like renewable energy, cyber, information warfare, quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

As the state prepares to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented by AUKUS, the new model will see a framework developed to connect the innovation districts with each other and other knowledge and manufacturing hubs including the Osborne Naval Shipyard, the Edinburgh Defence Precinct and the future Australian Space Park.

South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas and Di Dixon, State Project Lead, Lot Fourteen, Department of the Premier and Cabinet

This approach will be the catalyst to stimulating economic growth, supporting valuable international knowledge transfer and collaboration.

This will create new opportunities for jobs growth, linking state-wide education, skills and workforce programs for equitable and inclusive access to future jobs.

South Australia’s Economic Activity Zones and innovation assets have the potential to accommodate a skilled workforce of approximately 44,000 people.

Premier Peter Malinauskas said: “Geo-political instability, climate change and a post-COVID economy pose challenges for the globe. But these problems also present an opportunity for a state like South Australia.

“We have the ingenuity to make significant contributions to the world’s economic future. But we need to be smart and connected.

“A clear state-wide position bringing together all Economic Activity Zones and innovation assets under a centralised strategic vision and policy position will unlock greater value from these investments made by successive governments.”

Lot Fourteen State Project Lead Di Dixon said: “This framework offers a dynamic vehicle to support state-wide job placement and enhance regional connectivity to support strategic investment, and drive new clusters of economic activity and job creation.

“We will leverage the power of proximity and connection to supercharge innovation and in so doing lay the foundation for new and more inclusive prosperity.

“Innovation assets are formidable job engines. Research has shown that for each innovation intensive job an innovation district supports, it creates an average of 4 to 5 production and service-related jobs.”

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