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Paving the way for future industries

Posted July 25, 2019

The last major demolition tender package at Lot Fourteen is now on the open market, marking a significant milestone in the development of Australia’s most exciting ideas neighbourhood.

Renewal’s SA Acting Chief Executive Mark Devine said the Stage 3A Demolition Program involved the deconstruction of the large North Wing and Residential Wing buildings, which were integral to the former public hospital on site.

“This demolition stage is expected to generate activity in the building industry for up to two years and create about 100 new jobs, adding to the current on-site workforce of almost 500 contractors,” Mr Devine said.

“With the existing heritage buildings soon to reach full occupancy, demolition of the obsolete buildings at Lot Fourteen paves the way for construction of new buildings and civic spaces specifically designed to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge-intensive jobs that will support South Australia’s future industries and economic growth.”

“Defence, space, cyber security, big data and creative industries will continue to cement Lot Fourteen as the driving force in South Australia’s vision to be the leading centre for future industries and entrepreneurship in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Demolition work across Lot Fourteen is one of the most significant projects of its kind in Australia, which is being delivered in stages with a total cost of approximately $150 million.

In another major milestone at Lot Fourteen, the state heritage listed Bice Building on North Terrace is ready to undergo refurbishment, due for completion in 2020.

International design practice, HASSELL studio is the lead architect for this multi-million dollar heritage refurbishment.

“The Bice Building will be fully restored with flexible internal layout options and modern adaptive workplaces to attract talent and it will become home to future industries,” Mr Devine said.

“The design vision for Lot Fourteen is to create a seamless digital and physical environment spanning the repurposed heritage buildings and future buildings to allow occupants to productively move freely, work effectively and collaborate,” Mr Devine said.

Refurbishment is progressing across Lot Fourteen’s other state heritage listed buildings. The Allied Health Building is to be completed in the coming months and will be home to a major start-up hub, operated by Stone and Chalk, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Living Lab. The former Women’s Health Centre is being re-fitted for the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning.

The McEwin Building will be home to the Australian Space Agency, Mission Control and the Space Discovery Centre and its refurbishment will also be completed later this year.

Further details of the Stage 3A Demolition Program tender are available online at SA Tenders and Contracts.

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