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SA’s satellite company Inovor lands at Lot Fourteen

Posted July 10, 2019

Inovor Technologies is the only Australian company that designs and manufactures satellites in Australia using an Australian supply chain. Its satellites are used to monitor objects in space, and send earth imaging data direct to clients.

Inovor’s Lot Fourteen tenancy was today announced by South Australia’s Premier Steven Marshall, who congratulated founder and Chief Executive Dr Matthew Tetlow for the company’s growth and development since it’s inception in 2013.

Premier Marshall also congratulated Inovor Technologies on being chosen by the CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, to design and manufacture new cube satellite, CSIROSat-1. The new satellite is capable of detecting and analysing infrared light to monitor land cover changes caused by flooding or deforestation, while also detecting bushfires and studying weather formations.

“Lot Fourteen is rapidly developing a reputation as the premier innovation and start-up precinct in the nation, with a proven focus on cultivating entrepreneurial talent and creating jobs in some of the world’s fastest growing industries.” – The Hon Steven Marshall, MP

“Importantly, this move will generate jobs for engineers and scientists, with Inovor flagging the potential to expand its workforce and production capability in the future,” noted Premier Marshall.

Dr Tetlow said the strategic move to Lot Fourteen opened up new opportunities for collaboration across the space sector.

“Lot Fourteen is an environment where exciting things are happening and opportunities will emerge because we’re next to entrepreneurs, innovative companies, as well as government and potential defence and civilian customers.” – Dr Matthew Tetlow, Inovor Technologies

“Lot Fourteen also offers us the flexibility to expand our premises as we are anticipating increasing our capacity over the next few years so that we are able to build multiple satellites at any one time,” said Dr Tetlow.

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