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Supply chain company to unlock power of space entrepreneurs

Posted December 16, 2020

A supply chain company with more than 65 members has been launched by SmartSat CRC to help space industry startups to grow and commercialise their innovations.

Aurora Space Startup Cluster has companies representing every part of the space supply chain – from rocket launch services, in-space computing, precision sensors, satellite digital twin technology, in-orbit and deep space operations, through to ground station antennae development and Earth data applications for agriculture, resources and sustainability management.

Aurora is based at Lot Fourteen, also the home of the SmartSat CRC, the Australian Space Agency, and pioneering space industry companies. The Australian Space Discovery Centre and Mission Control Centre will open their doors at Lot Fourteen in 2021. The space industry is one of the precinct’s high-growth focus sectors.

Aurora aims to provide a framework for startups to grow together in commercial collaborations with one another, research organisations, and local and international primes. This will help them to win business, commercialise leap-frog R&D, and build world-class capabilities in ways that would otherwise be difficult by themselves.

SmartSat CRC

Premier Marshall (far right) visits Myriota at Lot Fourteen as part of the SASAT1 announcement. Photo: SmartSat CRC, Sarah Darbyshire.

Aurora’s inaugural board is chaired by Dr Tim Parsons of Delta-V Newspace Alliance, who says the new company has been inspired by the energy, grit and determination of our space tech entrepreneurs.

Other members of the Board are Andrew Barton of Southern Launch, Troy McCann of Moonshot, Conrad Pires of Picosat Systems, Dr Anastasia Volkova of FluroSat, and Professor Andy Koronios and Peter Nikoloff representing SmartSat CRC.

“Startups are, by definition, companies looking to grow fast by leveraging new technologies and disruptive business models,” says Dr Parsons, who chaired the Aurora Steering Group through the formation phase.

“If we’re to have any chance of meeting the nation’s ambitious growth targets for space, we need to help our space startups grow faster, in technical readiness level, in capability to execute, and commercial acumen.”

Dr Parsons says Aurora’s brand identity reflects its goal to help its members grow, soaring upwards to break through the boundary between Earth and space.

Professor Koronios, who is chief executive of SmartSat CRC, said his organisation was committed to supporting the Australian space innovation ecosystem.

“We invite space startups to join Aurora and help us build the space industry,” he says.

More information and membership inquiries here

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